The only thing in the world that I see myself doing is the Designer, creating is what I do best.

My name is Stefano Di Leo and I am a Graphic Designer.

With the use of software such as the Adobe suite, Maxon Cinema
4D, and manual techniques, I create communication objects.
I was born in Salerno in 1994 and I lived there for 22
years, in 2015 I graduated from the Liceo Artistico
Sabatini Menna of Salerno, graphic address, with the maximum
of marks in Design.
In 2019 I obtained a degree in Graphic Design at
the Italian Academy of Fashion Art, Design in Florence with
full marks.
In 2018 I participated and won the first prize of the
Modern Mexican Art, banned by Jose Cuervo.
Since 2014 I work as a freelance collaborating with sia
with agencies and individuals, gaining experience both
in the press and social fields.

Who’s Polka dot Pepper?

The name comes from the union of a folkloric object, the “Lucky Horn ”, well known in Campania, my homeland, and a pop icon, the Polka Dots.

It is an object that represents me being the union of something where i come, superstition, and I polka dots, or for me the beauty spots all over my body.

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