• Dotted Posters •


This project, exposed during the UMANO exhibition, held at the Murate of Florence from 14 April to May 1st 2018, I focused my attention on the concept of mental disease. The purpose is to give one representation at disease concept mental, making use of strokes with a style eerie and dark.

#2 War doesn’t study

This project promotes the struggle against wars, focused on the figure of having children had to do with these, and that the only fear they should to have is for a surprise test, not death.

#3 The Shining

Redesign of the famous poster of the movie “The Shining” the title becomes a labyrinth, a enigmatic path inside of the human mind.

#4 :):

Poster exhibited in 2019 at the exhibition against the breast cancer announced from LILT in Florence. The smile to symbolize the change of one mood like that of a physical state, the eye changes color, as the change of nipple presaging breast cancer.

#5 Invito a palazzo

The manifesto evokes an open door as to invite to participate in the event, greeted by a statue, with graphic details that make it a bridge between modern and ancient, of the god Apollo, father of all arts, of music, of prophecy, of poetry, of medical arts, of plagues e of science that illuminates the intellect.